Monday, November 16, 2009

a month and a half later...

I've let fatigue and illness get in the way of exercise! Actually, those are pretty good reasons not to exercise. (That statement may be seen as heresy by those zippy little folks with endless energy, but we can't always understand what it is to be in someone else's shoes, can we?) =0) Anyway, onward>>>

I'm just recuperating from a bad chest cold and still have some congestion, but I stepped on the scales the other day and it scared me a little, so I thought I would try to begin again with exercise and watching what I eat. I need more veggies and fruits and not so much bread, cake, CAPPUCINOS (I think that's the real culprit), etc.

Today I worked out with Leslie Sansone's Walking Away the Pounds-Walking Strong video. This is a two-mile walk interspersed with light weight workouts. There is a lot of variety in the walking steps and the upper body gets a workout with the weights and lots of gentle squats and lunges help the lower body further.

Just for the record I weigh 165 today. It's goin' down!! A couple of years ago I was down to 141 where I plateaued, so I want to at least reach that as a goal.


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