Saturday, July 18, 2009

Muskie 5K Fun Run

Today I ran the Nevis Muskie Days 5K Fun Run. My time...40:09. Pretty awful, but at least I DID IT. (My best time is around 28 minutes, but heck, I haven't done any running this year!) I walked the first half mile or a little more, then jogged the rest of the way with walk breaks.

There was a record breaking turn-out of 83 people! I think last year there were
40, so that was great!

You know it's a small-town race when the numbers are written on 3X5 cards! The entry fee was $3 which purchased the button which entitled you to participate in a plethora of events.

(I've looked in the mirror. This is not what I look like. Unfortunately, it's what I look like in most photos. But it's more to show what the race looked like. So I'll swallow my pride.)

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