Saturday, August 15, 2009

3 miler...

Started out to take a 2 mile walk, but decided to extend it to 3 miles.

Bob rode his bike down to the bridge.(4 mile round trip)

Nice breezy, humid morning.

I think my 3 mile walks will be akin to the runner's long run. Only once a week. They take too much out of me for the next several days!

A closer look at that old cemetery that I'm so fascinated by! This little roped off area is in one small corner of a lot that covers about an acre. Apparently, after the 1930's they purchased the land next to the lake where the "new" Catholic cemetery is, and this little cemetery was no longer used. But they still take care of it and the whole lot is mowed. It's surrounded by a chain link fence and woods grow thickly all around it. It's a pretty and peaceful place. I took this picture during my walk. That's why I put it here. =0)

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