Saturday, May 18, 2013

A 3-miler!

I walked 3.1 miles today. It took an hour and four minutes. (1:04)
I decided against doing any jogging because my knees were a little sore and my back has been sore for a couple of days. No sense taking chances!
I took along a small notepad and pen and jotted down some ideas that came to me as I walked. It seems like my mind is always running full speed when I walk and I don't remember those ideas later. I hauled out my fanny pack so I could take along a water bottle, cell phone and tissue while leaving my hands free to write. It's not easy to write when you're walking, but it freed me up to enjoy the scenery when I could write things down. Strange, I know!

Shalom for now! (I can't believe it. I'm talking to MYSELF! There I go again!) :)

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